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There is strength in numbers. Mission 50 million’s vision is to spread knowledge and for this, we need you. Our aim is to educate and touch the lives of over 50 million people and we believe there is no better way to do this than to capitalize on numbers. Education empowers and transforms. The fact that you are here is because you either have an interest in knowledge about health and nutrition or already have it. What can you do with this curiosity, or better still, with the information that you have? We believe that the best thing you can do is —Spread it! It is on this premise that we have launched Mission 50 Million. Remember the best lessons you’ve learnt, the most significant pieces of information you’ve retained through these years? Now, think of the person who gave you that knowledge? Chances are you remember more of what you’ve learned from your teachers, mentors and guides than you have from any book in the world. With Mission 50 million, you have the chance to be that for not just a person but hundreds or maybe even thousands.

Why Mission 50 Million?

Why Mission 50 Million?

Well, its simple math! We all have a reservoir of knowledge within us and if you, as an individual, can reach out to 10 people, you’re initiating a trickle-down effect. If these10 people reach out to 10 more people each, that’s 100 people impacted. You do the Math. We believe education is contagious and we all have the power to be change makers and problem solvers. With health and well-being becoming one of the most pressing global concerns, you can either sit and hope for the world to become a healthier place. Or, you can actually become a catalyst of change. This mission is for all those who believe that to change a system, you have to first be a part of it.

The Belief Behind Mission 50 Million

At INFS, we believe in providing content and information that has been scientifically proven and evidence backed. We know the power of science but we also know the power of people. Those guiding you have their own personal experiences to share, which adds significant value to any education. Over the past years, we have seen the kind of impact that health and nutrition knowledge can have on people. This is why we can’t wait to have you on board and get started!

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