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What will you learn from our Webinars!

Attending a webinar with our volunteer will teach you how to take your health in your hands. You will understand how you can plan your daily meals to meet your health goals. Also, how to go about planning your activities to remain fit and healthy for decades to come!

  • Diet
    Diet Webinars

    Understand what a healthy diet means - it has nothing to do with organic or superfoods. Neither does it have to be low in fat, or carbs.

  • Fitness
    Fitness Webinars

    Learn how to set your diet and activity plans to achieve your fitness gaols, even if it means getting a lean or athletic physique.

  • Exercise
    Exercise Webinars

    Know how much activity you need to engage in to be fit. Running, cross-fit or Zumba - what should you spend your time doing? and how much time?

  • Planning
    Workout and diet planning

    Unlock a healthier you, by creating sustainable diet and activity plan for yourselves that you can follow regularly.

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Good Food VS Bad Food

This is not a fight.

We are so attached to labels that we have given our food also labels - superfoods, junk foods, In order to have a healthy relationship with food, we need to shed these labels. It is about time we understand the foods for what they offer. Rice is not bad, potatoes are not fattening, and neither is chocolate your enemy. They can all be a part of a healthy diet. Time to make foods your friend?

Yoga for Fat Loss

Probably, or probably not.

Yoga in its original form, is good for so many things, but burning calories is not one of them. Research suggests that Yoga is better than doing nothing. But when it comes to the overall effect, a brisk walk will do the job just as well.

Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

Weighing scale giving sleepless nights?

Some diets will do more harm than good and give only temporary results. You will experience a sudden drop in weight when you start following these diets. Sadly, the weight will come back when you go back to eating your normal diet or metabolically you end up in worse off condition! If your goals is ‘Fat Loss’, then you are playing the long game, you need to develop a strategy that gives you results without you losing your mind. It’s not that difficult if you understand the science, promise!

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